Publish and manage your contents from our cloud platform


Create your tour scenario thanks to an interactive map.

Choose and order the content available on the various Totemi in order to create a unique experience

Organise and broadcast

Our secured platform integrates with all of the main CMS on the market. We can also offer tailor-made integration solutions if required

Through it organise all you media :
Video, Audio, Games, Photos, Augmented Reality, Video 360, HTML pages, ….

Enhance your storytelling by using his true transmedia nature, by broadcasting to web sites, kiosk application, TV or Virtual Reality helmet.

Measure and understand

Une fois publié, vous pourrez comprendre et analyser la manière dont le contenu est « consommé » par vos visiteurs.

Once publish you will be able to analyze and understand how the content is used by your visitors.

What is the most popular content ? How long the visitor are spending on a particular place ?

Adapt your content according to the way user are visiting your place

Marketing tools

Totemi team will support you in your tour marketing effort and strategy