Install a Totemi within a territory to create strong bounds with your users.

An identifiable, autonomous and sustainable signage

Solid and robust, yet designed to be adapted to suit your specific environment, TOTEMI is distinguished by a strong identity that can be personalized according to your needs.

A signage to talk to

TOTEMI brings a new way of interacting with the surrounding environment.

Users connect via their Smartphone to engage in a discussion driven by their interests and desires.

Recognizable TOTEMI serves as a point of encounter and exchange.

Outdoor or Indoor installation

Autonomous and robust, the TOTEMI sign is resistant to all climates and does not require an external power supply.

Modular, it can be installed on walls, streetlights, poles, bus shelters or any type of street furniture as well as the natural environment.

Customizable, its colour and its detail can even be adapted to fit your visual identity.

A bluetooth smart device

TOTEMI comprises a reliable and efficient Microelectronic iBeacon component.

Configurable and accurate, it emits a signal in a radius ranging from 50cm up to as far away as 20metres.

Efficient, the built-in, replaceable batteries ensure a life-span up to 7 years, reducing any maintenance costs to an absolute minimum.

Customization Totemi can be customized to meet your needs

Choose the message and the color

A main color chosen as identity for a defined place.

The edges of the Totemi are also customizable according to your needs and the place where it is thanks to numerous stickers.

Mobile application

The routes are published on the TOTEMI application. A simple, fun and ergonomic application that will guide your users along the way.