All the experience packaged in a fun and ergonomic application.

A mobile application for dialogue

The mobile application allows users to consult and publish content whilst in contact with the TOTEMI, or within a defined geographical perimeter.

totemi phone
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A Contextual Commitment

Attract and stimulate users’s curiosity through customized notifications, triggered in a defined geographic perimeter.

Engage the user near the TOTEMI. He or she will be automatically notified of the availability of multimedia content.

Interactive content to unlock

Provide interactive media : Text, videos, audio, games and virtual or augmented reality.Bonus, secret or temporary content can be used to enrich the experience

A tailor-made narration

An interactive map and logbook allow the user to navigate to points of interest according to your scenario: guided walking tour, treasure hunt, interactive film etc.

Create a playful and exciting story for visitors to your territory.

A cloud platform

Publish and manage your contents from our cloud platform